Some users of Google Maps have been extremely lucky in the last few days. This is because Google Maps have rolled out some useful features to a few lucky users. The features include mass transit delay notifications and the Wi-Fi only mode.

With the Wi-fi-only mode, users can restrict their data usage to only Wi-Fi. You can open up Google Maps and see if you can access these features. However, do not be disappointed if you cannot access these features which are launched as staged rollouts. Only a few lucky users are presently in that group.

Google Maps have Rolled Out useful features to a few lucky users
Google Maps have Rolled Out useful features to a few lucky users

It is easy to check if the Wi-Fi option is there on your device. You just need to go to settings and look for a toggle with the title “Wi-Fi only”. If it is there, you can easily go offline. When you enable the Wi-Fi only mode for the first time, Google Maps will send you a quick reminder that it may use a negligible amount of data. You can see a small bar on the top of your screen as long as “Wi-Fi only” switch is turned on.

The mass transit delay notification is another useful feature that is rolled by Google Maps to a few lucky users. If you are travelling by train or bus, this feature of Google Maps will speak to you. Whenever there are mass transit delays, Google will roll out notifications. The notifications are customizable and therefore, this feature will be liked by many people.

You can see a welcome message along with a configuration screen. You can turn on the real-time disruption alerts. According to reports, there are some glitches with this feature, which Google Maps might improve in the next few days.

The roll out for both these useful features is happening, but the initial audience is small. You can go to Google Maps and check if your device has any of these two new features.


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