Keeping a track of your events and reaching there on time is challenging mainly when you are already caught up with extra work and have an extremely busy schedule. Google has stepped forward to help you in such dire situations and make things simple for you to track. Google has fully integrated Calendars and Maps which can be benefitted by all the Android users across the globe. On opening Google Maps now, one would be able to see the imminent travel arrangements which can be immediately added to your Google map for directions.

You could add things like hotel bookings, museums, flight tickets and reservations for restaurants.

Google Maps Integrates Forthcoming Events from Google Calendar
Google Maps Integrates Forthcoming Events from Google Calendar

On selecting one of the forthcoming events, the already updated Maps will guide you straight to your next rendezvous in the navigation window. This feature will help you save time and confusion because you would not have to shuttle between the calendar and the Google apps relentlessly. All you need to do is feed the location of the events while you are updating them in your calendar and never worry about tracking and reaching to the place of the event on time.

You need to go to the navigation menu and select ‘Your Places‘ to access your forthcoming events on the Google Maps. You will also see prominent markers on the Maps for events that have been set by you earlier.

The feature is quite flexible and scheduled events can be dismissed whenever you want. There is a new personal content manager which can be accessed from the settings menu and used to toggle off what you are not interested in.

This exclusive feature is available only for Android devices now. In order to benefit from this feature, you will need to update and remain signed in both Google Maps and Calendar apps in your smartphone.


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