Google engineers have figured out a way of stitching together the Satellite imagery that could provide the Google Maps and Earth users a better view of the ground by removing all the clouds and the company just announced of updating these apps with higher resolution imagery from NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Landsat 8 satellite.

Google Maps

Google first unveiled the technique of removing clouds, striped artifacts, and other atmospheric effects from the Google Earth images using Imagery from Landsat 7 and this was in 2013 after which the apps did not receive any kind of update. But during that time, Landsat 7 was less capable and it was also suffering from hardware failure that reflected some portion of the World having a diagonal gap between missing data and this compelled to come up with a new update that can remove those gaps from Google Earth.

Google Earth is Able to Provide a Much Better Experience

The new updated Google Earth is able to provide a much better experience where the satellite is made to capture more sharp images with great details, exact colors and in an extraordinary frequency. The new Google Earth imagery is cloud free just like the previous version.

The Final Result is Sharper, Current Images in Google Earth

The final result is sharper and current images in Google Earth, also images were blurry in the previous version while these are crisper in the Landsat 8 satellite. For example, as you look at the New York City, more details like skyscrapers, building shadows, and baseball fields can be seen and all this is possible only for the Landsat 8. This Landsat is in operation since long back from 1972 to track the changes of the earth with time and now Google is able to update its map and earth products with the new imagery available.


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