The password is must these days to log into any website and apps so as to maintain more security and stay secure from the eyes of hackers. But creating and then remembering all these passwords is really a tough job. While you can easily go with the fingerprint scanner or iris scanning but it is for sure that these technologies are still in their early life and the best solution is to integrate any of the password managers in your website or in the app login.

Thankfully Google is trying to do the same so that you can manage your password a more efficient way. The main aim of Google is to make the security process simpler and transparent which will be accessible to all users and on all devices.

Google Takes a Step Towards Helping You In Managing Password
Google Takes a Step Towards Helping You In Managing Password

This Project Will Involve Other Password Managers As Well

Dashlane, a password manager declared two days back that they are partnering with Google in a project which will allow the Android users to securely and seamlessly log into their any mobile apps through the stored password. This project will involve other password managers as well whose job will be to create, store and apply those passwords on the websites so that users are not required to remember them anyway. This technology is called as Open Yolo, which will need the users to log in only once.

However, there are several password managers such as 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and more. So, you might be confused to use anyone from them. Well, the main concept of Open Yolo is to come with one login process that taps into any Password manager which you use.

Smart Lock can be the best Password Manager to use for this purpose which is already integrated with Google account, it was introduced in the last year.

Open Yolo is currently available as an open API that allows app developers to support a different kind of Password managers.


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