Google has taken a leaf from the design of the Apple Watch by releasing new bands of the Android Wear that can be easily replaced giving the bands a fresh new look.

The Hadley Roma designed wearable bands by b&nd have a new “snap and swap Mode” which can be removed by pressing a button, and then at the end by sliding the band out to be replaced. Android Wear partnered with Hadley Roma with b&nd to create the bands.

Google makes new ‘Mode’ swappable Android Wear Bands, as they play catch up to Apple
Google makes new ‘Mode’ swappable Android Wear Bands, as they play catch up to Apple

The Mode bands can come in four different widths, which makes it easier for the bands to connect and fit the most of the Android Watches which are on the market. Another advantage is that they also work on mechanical watches. The first catalog line up of the bands available is in various colors, in either silicone or leather.

Apple Watch started the feature of the swappable bands since they started the Apple Watch brand. Apple Watch initially offered a limited range of first party bands, but they have expanded the collection, they now offer a huge collection of options, which gives users the ability to make the Apple Watch one of their own.

The Mode mechanism is so that other accessory makers can also create their own bands for the Android devices. The first party bands are already on sale on Google Store, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Most analysts believe Apple Watch is now the leader of the wearables market even though Google Android Wear was the first to launch on the market. Apple has not disclosed independent results of the Apple Watch sales, but analysts estimate around 14 million units sold, which is a figure higher than the initial iPhone units sold back in 2007.

Apple recently slashed the initial price of the wearables and put it at $299, and they also introduced a new woven nylon style band for the accessory. The company is also rumored to produce a second generation Apple Watch this year, with most specifics still unknown.


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