Pop-up ads that prevent us from reading the content in a site are really annoying which waste time and effort both. But now Google is taking a step to eliminate all these annoying pop-up ads in the mobile sites to help users in getting the required content in no time without being distracting by ads.

Google has stated that website that uses more of pop-up ads will have a negative effect on the search engine ranking and this change will be effective from the next year January 10th.

Google To Lower The Rank Of Mobile Sites That Uses Pop-Ups
Google To Lower The Rank Of Mobile Sites That Uses Pop-Ups

However, this is to mention that these pop-up ads are not the sole thing to be held responsible for search rank rather many things are taken into consideration for that. So, even if some website has pop-up ads but still provides the best information will definitely get the best ranking. But if two websites offering equal content and one site have more of pop-up ads will get lower rank in search engine. In 2014, Google started boosting the rank of sites with encryption while in the last year the mobile friendly sites got a boost in the ranking.

The pop-up ads that make the content under it unreadable for few seconds or unless you find and tap on the small X icon will be highly targeted irrespective of where they are situated whether in the beginning of the site or in the middle of the page. Also, ads that take up huge space in the website page will be targeted. But there are some pop-up ads like verifying your age is still accepted. Also, the small banner type ads which occupy small space at the top of the page will not be counted in the search ranking factor by Google.

This change will definitely disappoint the publishers but Google is determined to bring this change by the next year.


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