Google has announced of killing their Gmail App Inbox very recently. The main aim of this decision is to solely focus on the Gmail App. Google first introduced Inbox back in October 2014. It was introduced to offer users the best-emailing experience. This was an alternative Gmail Viewing App that was packed with highly interesting features.

The features were snoozing emails, AI-Powered Smart Reply, organized folder bundles and many more like this.

Google To Kill Off Inbox, The Gmail Viewing Alternative By Next Year
Google To Kill Off Inbox, The Gmail Viewing Alternative By Next Year


In another word, Inbox was a personalized email app rather than the standard version of Gmail. And this made many users to use this app instead of Gmail.

But, sadly, we all have to use the Gmail as Inbox will not be present anymore. The company has announced of discontinuing the app from March 2019. They have also shared a transition guide for the users. So, you can go through that transition guide to get to the Gmail from Inbox. Anyways, there is nothing to transfer as Inbox was a different interface of the Gmail. So, all it requires is sign in to the new Gmail app and get used to the new interface.

Trip Bundle

Google has redesigned Gmail just last April. They have redesigned the app including all the above-mentioned features of Inbox. Most of the Inbox features are ported to the new Gmail. Only a few features such as Trip Bundle are left. Anyways, Google has also promised of bringing all those features to Gmail eventually. The Trip Bundle is a feature where all the travel emails are grouped into the Trip.

Inbox was definitely good and offered a much better user experience. But, there is nothing to feel low as you can have the similar experience from Gmail as well.

Google has provided 6 months time to the users. So, get ready to come back to the old standard Gmail now in case you were using the Inbox App.

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