A new Google Keyboard version is out, 5.2, and it is included in the developer version of the Android 7.1.1 (Nougat). The new revival of the long-running Google keyboard app is rich with some neat functions and features. One of the new features includes the ability to have the Image keyboard support feature.

To explain the feature, in short, it is a function that allows apps to be able to give keyboards if they can accept much more of the content than just the text, and what that would be. After that, the images and various other content available will then be determined by the app, the keyboard or both of them.

Google Keyboard 5.2, coming to Android 7.1.1, It has limited GIF support
Google Keyboard 5.2, coming to Android 7.1.1, It has limited GIF support

Therefore, the implementation of the new feature which has been put into the Google Keyboard 5.2 is only found in the Google’s Messenger app at the moment.

The feature has been made available to developers who have access to the Android 7.1.1 preview. This means that it can easily find its way into various apps such as the Facebook Messenger app, and Snapchat.

Google Keyboard is not So Much Different

As for now, users of any app cannot use it. Some people have pointed out that the introduction of the feature on Google keyboard is not so much different with that found in Fleksy. On Fleksy, users are able to search for a GIF from one large library and then they can choose for it to be placed in a conversation as naturally as any text. The GIFs are also able to auto-complete the suggestions.

Stickers & GIFs

On the market right now, current rich keyboard solutions which have stickers and GIFs from third party players have either been transcoded on the fly and have to be supported in the app, or the recipient has to also have the same keyboard installed on their device. The opening of a universal approach to what is accepted in an app and how apps can tell user’s devices what it accepts to open and open up the concept to all the users and the developers which give way for richer conversations.


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