A new VR View Tool is all set to hit the markets by Google Inc. this newly introduced tool would make it more accessible for the users to make 360-degree content. Embedding 360-degree videos and photos in apps and websites after including some code lines are allowed to the developers.

Whether there is a real estate agent giving would-be buyers a view inside the house of dreams or travel company showing off its sunny locations the aim is to make this sort of content widely available.

Google Introduces Easy Embedding of 360-degree Content With New VR View Tool
Google Introduces Easy Embedding of 360-degree Content With New VR View Tool

Creating VR Content for Apple’s mobile devices has become quite simpler as the company is bringing its cardboard SDK to iOS.

It is more like an intermediary step towards full experiences of virtual reality with the VR View. You can just move the phone around in the air as there is no need for Headset or Cardboard app to look at VR View Content.

For the entertainment purposes, it is an ideal innovation by the Google. The Google offer to support directly for iOS is the best move by the company to grab users of Apple’s products as well. The major technical features are VR Content that allows creators to focus, have a spatial audio and head tracking.

For implementing the technical specifications, it offers a basic scaffold for the great user experience. Easy embedding of 360-content offered by Google would be definitely workable for many users. The price of this tool is yet to be announced by the developers.


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