Amazon’s Echo smart home assistant has become one of the organization’s greatest equipment hits since it launched in 2014, selling an expected 3 million units. Now, Google wants a cut of the activity. According to a report of New York Times, Google plans to uncover Google Home on Wednesday that it will be the home assistant.

The launch will happen at Google I/O, the organization’s yearly developer meeting, but as indicated by the New York Times, the product won’t launch until this fall. Google is quick to set up its position in a quick-developing market and influence its AI-based Google Now item to do a scope of the range of tasks for users.

Google Home Coming on Wednesday
Google Home Coming on Wednesday

It is what Google Home will allow users to do, however looking at the range of voice-activated features available on Android cell phones and tablets through Google Now, users are likely to be given the ability to get updates about weather and calendar arrangements, play music, get details on game results and movies and also make telephone gets back to and get messages read to them.

It is not clear that Google Home will allow users to make purchases as Amazon’s Echo gadget does.

Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa, which powers the $179 Echo, has gradually been given expanded by many capabilities since it was initially launched and can now order an Uber, get fitness information from your Fitbit gadget, get a pizza delivered to you and, most recently, connect to your other smart home gadgets to allow you turn off the lights or close the garage door with your voice.

Alexa also allows users to order goods from Amazon, with a report from Slice Intelligence, an organization following online receipt data from more than 4 million US consumers, showing that Echo clients purchased three times the average Amazon customer in 2015.

There is no sign of what the Google Home gadget will look like or the amount it will cost. Google has declined to comment on the report.


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