Google has released the developer preview of the new version of its OS, Android O. It has done so for the second straight year, as in March 2016 it released the developer preview of the Android N. The new OS is codenamed O, has yet to receive a consumer friendly dessert name and has also yet to be released to the general customers.

With this developer preview, developers can now test it for bugs and problems as well as discover new features included in the kit. The new version of the Android OS does promise more efficient use of battery power along with other features.

Google Hints at Many New Features in Android O
Google Hints at Many New Features in Android O

Customization of the way notifications are handled on devices has been a key focus of the developer preview. The notifications can now be snoozed by pulling down the notification and slowly swiping to the left or right. The snooze can be timed for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour.

Customizable Navigation Bar

The color of notifications can be changed based upon priority alerts which the user should pay more attention to. The settings app has been overhauled with a white color scheme and options present as tappable categories. The lock screen can now have shortcuts added to it. The navigation bar can now be customized.

Android O Consumer Version

Another major inclusion is the possibility of device theme manager that will allow the entire color scheme to be set according to a theme. It is worth noting that all these features are present in the developer preview and it cannot be said at this time whether some of them will make it to the consumer version of Android O. Some maybe tweaked while others may be dropped, some new features might even be added.


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