You must have heard about Apple’s plan to redesign the hearing aid to assist the hearing to disable people. And, now, it’s Google that is walking at the same footstep. Google, the big search giant company has recently announced about their partnership with GN Hearing. And this partnership is only to aid the people who suffer from hearing loss.

Android will offer native support to the hearing aids through a direct audio streaming specification. This specification will be available in the upcoming Android OS. This specification is open to all and will be available to all other hearing aid manufacturers.

Google Aims To Make The Hearing Aid Even Smarter Through Android Support
Google Aims To Make The Hearing Aid Even Smarter Through Android Support

The main aim of the specification is to amplify the sound. However, it will also serve the purpose of a Bluetooth headphone. So, hearing aid users can use their hearing aid machine only to make calls and listen to others. Just one device and they will be able to lead the life like all others.

If you are worried about the battery life, then do not think anymore. As this specification will have a very low impact on the battery life. Also, the power status and other settings can be monitored and handled from the Android device. So, what’s more, to expect?

Initially few devices will have the support for this specification. It is heard that ReSound LiNX Quattro from GN Hearing and the Beltone Amaze devices will be the first devices to get the support.

As per a report, almost 466 million people across the world suffer from hearing loss. And it is estimated that this number will become 900 million by 2050. So, the smarter hearing aid is really helpful in such a situation.

Anyways, Google has not disclosed anything about the upcoming Android OS. Also, they did not say anything about when we can expect the first device to arrive with the specification. But they have already published the specification protocol.

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