It’s not even a week Google announced of killing Google+ account from Play store and it’s now time for another Google product Hangouts air. The company already announced to discontinue this live streaming service in the next month and users will be required to make use of YouTube Live for all their live streaming needs.

September 12 is the last day of Hangouts Air after which even if any event is scheduled, that has to be conducted through YouTube Live.

Google To Discontinue Hangouts Air From September 12th
Google To Discontinue Hangouts On Air From September 12th

Google first debuted this feature in their Hangouts group video chat in September 2011, even though it was then only available to the top celebrities and selected performers. Next, the feature was made available to all in May 2012 and the roll out of the feature was completed within a month after that.

When Google Brought The Hangouts Air, Live Streaming Was Much Harder To Convince The People

Then Google brought another Live streaming service YouTube in May 2013. However, when Google brought the Hangouts on Air, live streaming was much harder to convince to the people and the company made use of big names like Barack Obama and Pope Francis to promote the service.

After YouTube was introduced by Google in May 2013, they did not waste a single time in tying up both the streaming services together that are YouTube Live and Hangouts on Air so as to increase the device compatibility of the later on.

However, now this service is going to see an end and Google has stated in the post how users can start, schedule and control the live streams after this switchover. The native Q&A feature will be cut, so the broadcasters will require using social media or else Q&A feature of the Google Slides to communicate with the viewers during live streaming. Also, other features like Showcase and Applause are also cut off from Hangouts.


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