Google is mainly known to offer two main operating system for years, one is Android for the mobile devices and another one is Chrome OS, for the laptop and desktop kind of devices. But now the company is reportedly known to add one more OS in that list, known as Fuchsia which will work across a range of devices from small embedded device to the laptop and desktop.

That is you can one day see this OS to run on all devices such as a smartphone, desktop, laptop, wearable devices and other Internet of things which is pretty interesting. Also, this OS is not any replacement or up gradation to any of the existing OS, Chrome OS or Android rather Fuchsia will be a brand new OS.

Google Is Developing A Brand New OS, Fuchsia
Google Is Developing A Brand New OS, Fuchsia

Fuchsia is based on Magenta Kernel which is why this Operating system will be able to run on all devices. The main things which set this new OS apart from the other two OS like Android and Chrome OS are that Fuchsia is not based on Linux. Also, it uses company’s in–house Dart Programming language as a primary language and supports Flutter to build the users Interface. So, you can definitely expect a Material design friendly look in this new operating system offered by Google.

Even though the company did not disclose anything but two personnel from the company have hinted about this OS and confirmed some important details. According to one engineer, Google is building Fuchsia from scratch which is why people do not expect to see it in public while the other engineer said that everything will be announced officially eventually, but no time frame is being suggested.

However, we can be sure that Google has something really interesting in store for us, so, keep waiting for Fuchsia to be officially released by Google.


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