Google’s parent company Alphabet hosted their annual shareholder meeting on 8th June in San Francisco where they discussed their flashing past and future projects. Google is no doubt providing hit release year after year in the technology market and everyone should be eager to know what they are up to now. One of their flashiest project for this year is the “fixed wireless connection” to provide high-speed internet connection directly at your home without the hassle of digging up places and laying down wires.

The internet will be wirelessly beamed into the house. It is obvious that the whole world needs a high-speed internet connection with gigabit performance. Google has been able to do so in places like Kansas city through their fiber cable service. But there are populated cities like NY where digging up the places and placing fiber or copper cable is highly difficult and the fixed wireless connection is the solution for that.

Google Fixed Wireless
Google Fixed Wireless

People of The US Can Enjoy Fixed Wireless Connection

The concept of this new project is very simple where the internet set up works by linking to physical places through laser bridge or radio frequencies instead of copper or fiber cables and the process become wireless entirely. Here the cordless point to point signal is transmitted through the air from one antenna to another. So, this technology to work, the homeowners are required to have a special device to receive the wireless signals.

Also weather condition, long distances etc. are sorted out through several types of radio antennas while it supports different bandwidth as well. Executive chairman Eric Schmidt of Google also stated that this wireless internet connection will support gigabit performance the same performance that Google fiber promises to deliver with its fiber optic network. People all around the US can enjoy this fixed wireless connection facility to have high-speed internet.


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