James Damore, the senior software engineer at Google who has written the long 10 pages anti-diversity memo is finally fired. His anti-diversity memo created a storm on the internet as soon as it went viral. Most of the big tech companies’ have adopted diversity effort and Google too is not an exception to that.

There is a long debate on this topic. The male dominated tech industry how treats the women and this has led to adopt this diversification idea. However, this is not being liked by many of the employees and James Damore is one of them definitely.

Google Fires James Damore, The Author Of Anti-Diversity Memo
Google Fires James Damore, The Author Of Anti-Diversity Memo

His anti-diversity memo indicated that point very prominently. He tried to say that diversification effort should not be the main goal of a company and he further added that this is only the biological cause which creates gender inequality in the tech industry. This has annoyed all which has finally led to his termination. Anyways, Google did not confirm anything rather it is James Damore only to confirm his dismissal stating he is been terminated for perpetuating gender stereotypes.

While this memo was sent during the last weekend, Google’s response was displeasure. Danielle Brown, the VP of diversity in Google initially stated that they foster an environment where all can share their views even if those are opposing the viewpoints of Google. However, it does not mean they are encouraging, promoting or else endorsing what that engineer Damore has to say. During then nothing was clear about Google’s step.

But this could not do anything with the backlash that kept mounting on Monday and finally it pushed the Google CEO Sundar Pichai to take further action. He sent a company-wide email stating James Damore has violated the code of conduct of Google’s. But still, then nothing was confirmed about Damore’s termination until the engineer confirmed it on his own.

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