The land phone is still important and essential to some families as it provides authentic and user-friendly service but since the technology is not up-to-date land phone are mainly used by grandparents.

Google Fiber Phone- Futuristic Land Phone By Google
Google Fiber Phone- Futuristic Land Phone By Google

Google has recently introduced a brand new land phone service called Fiber Phone. The features are similar to a normal landline phone with some exceptional and outstanding addition. The Fiber phone works nearly similar to its mobile Fi service which promises unlimited domestic talk, text with unlimited international messaging, caller ID, voicemail, 911 services and many more. The service is available in some area where Google Fiber already exists and eventually, the service will be available to all residential Fiber cities and its customers.

Land phone working as a smartphone; as it rings your landline when you are at home or mobile/tablets/laptop when you are on the go so no calls can be missed as fiber phone uses the cloud base technology. Number portability is also supported on fiber phone where you can keep your current number or ask for a new one. Google fiber phone does not provide with the handset so you can use your existing home phone.

It allows voicemail transcription which sends voicemail as an email or text message on your smartphone on the go when calling home to check is difficult. The cost Google has set is quite cheaper than other land phone services available in the market and for users who already have Google Fiber internet service it comes for $10 per month with some add-on.

Google has set new expectation using both ancient and modern technology and users can only wait to watch it happen and experience it.


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