Rumors that Google is planning and developing a wireless VR headset have resurfaced after the search giant purchased the virtual reality eye tracking software firm developer, Eyefluence.

The rumored product that Google is apparently making does not require a connected PC nor a smartphone for it to be able to function. The platform used for the product is entirely different from that which is used for the Google Daydream View virtual reality which apparently launches in November this year.

Google buys Eyefluence as rumors of eye tracking virtual reality device come up again
Google buys Eyefluence as rumors of eye tracking virtual reality device come up again

The buyout of the Eyefluence firm came after reports that Google was also looking at integrating the wireless VR gear which would be able to integrate the eye tracking and also use the sensors equipped together with the algorithms to be able to map out the real world space which will be in front of the user.

The reports, which cited some familiar sources, said that Google was going to focus on the augmented reality of the user’s vision field and also eliminate the need and use of one tethered PC or a mobile device. When asked to comment on the issue, Google declined to comment.

Eyefluence Offers Eye Tracking Software

Eyefluence is a company that can offer eye tracking software and can be integrated with the head mounted VR and the AR displays. The company itself says that the technology is also powered by almost a decade and more of eye studies, algorithm development, optics, and the illumination system design, together with the field applications.

Armed with the capabilities of Eyefluence, the rumored Google VR device could have the same augmented reality features as those of the Microsoft HoloLens peripheral.

In a statement, after the acquisition by Google, Eyefluence wrote that they were excited to announce the news of joining Google, and they would continually expand their potential, more so now with one of the most valued companies behind them.


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