Google has released Google Duo, a video chat app just today that is solely designed for mobile devices. The app will be supported on both the device Android and iPhone, so it must be a great alternative to Facetime to the iPhone users.

Simplicity is the main attraction of this app where you are not required to create any account or else no need of adding any contact list in the app. When any user will sign up the app for the first time, the app will check their phone number from SIM after which a confirmation text will be sent out. That’s it and users will be ready to use Google Duo.

Google Brings Google Duo, A Video Chat App In Mobile Phones
Google Brings Google Duo, A Video Chat App In Mobile Phones

Completely New Feature Added in This Google Duo is The Knock Knock

Starting a video chat in the app is much easy where you are required to tap on the face of a person to call him and as he receives the call, the chat is started. The most interesting and a completely new feature added in this Google Duo is the Knock Knock. According to this feature, as you get any call on your phone, the screen starts showing you the live video from your caller before you answer the call. The feature is pretty interesting that eliminates the need of asking ‘hey are you there’, rather you can start talking.

However, the videos of people will be showed on the screen only for those who are saved in the contact list, Also, one can turn off this feature entirely in need. This feature is available only to the Android users, so if you are an iPhone user, this feature will be not available to you.

Google also did many other things in the backend to make the chat immediate with better quality. During the call, users can switch to Wi-Fi from cellular or vice versa to improve the call quality and nothing will happen to the call, it will keep going.


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