Google has finally ended the Nexus 7 series of tablets with the 2013 version being the most recent one to be removed from its online store.

In 2012, Google collaborated with Asus to deliver a moderate tablet with great specs and optimized performance with its Android operating system, resulting in the first Nexus 7. The gadget was additionally launched in more markets than the Nexus cell phones which came before it. Because of its cheap pricing, the tablet became quite famous which led Google to refresh the same tablet with enhanced specs later in 2013.

Presently, it appears Google has at last decided to quit selling the Nexus 7 tablets as the Google Store listing mentions that the tablet is no more available for sale. The recent Lollipop builds appeared to have issues with the ageing tablet, which could be one of the reasons to stop the sale of the gadget. Right now, Google does not have any replacement or refreshed tablet practically identical to the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 9 is the only one now available.

Google I/O, the organization’s annual developer occasion, is just over a month away and we can expect that the organization will make a declaration in the event that it has new plans to launch a tablet but that is only theory for the now.

Source: Google Store via Neowin


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