Unveiled this Tuesday by Google – Pixel is a smartphone which is available in 5″ and 5.5″. Pixel has been designed to give competition to the leading smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. This seems like a tactical plan of Google that has till recent been selling phones through Nexus program.

When Google had purchased a small mobile software firm in 2005 – Android, tech watchers were on their look out to when Google would manufacture a premium phone. Apple’s Steve Jobs was ready to spend anything in a thermonuclear war to put an end to Android.

Why Did Google Decide To Name Its Smartphone – Pixel?
Why Did Google Decide To Name Its Smartphone – Pixel?

iPhone vs Pixel

It was envisioned that the name of the phone would be something like – Google Phone but Pixel was a name least expected. To say iPhone vs Pixel doesn’t sound epic like Superman vs. Batman does. However, Google upholds that Pixel is the right name for their new smartphone.

According to Dean Crutchfield, a brand consultant based in New York – Google doesn’t have the flair to carry a high-end smartphone. The reason why they haven’t named the phone Google is because the brand lacks flexibility and will break if strained too much.

Google’s spokeswoman said, that people will anyways come to know that Pixel is a Google phone as the phone has a ‘G’ and a ‘Phone by Google’ printed on the back of the smartphone.

Who else knows about branding other than Google? If it really wants to stand up against iPhone with Pixel then the company has to set its course exclusively, including branding and marketing.

There could be many potential reasons to why Google chose to name it differently and maybe it didn’t want to shock its hardware partners that are very essential when it comes to Android, by hoping to extremes and coming up with a high-tech phone.


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