CTO of Google’s autonomous car project, Chris Urmson resigned suddenly without giving any clear reasons. Urmson announced his resignation on Friday and said that he was ready for a new challenge in life.

When it comes to autonomous cars, Urmson is the best one to converse and acquire about their learning’s. There are two suggestions which the media is talking about that might have caused Urmson to resign.

One, Urmson might have been unhappy with the progress of the project under the headship of John Krafcik. Former president of Hyundai America, Krafcik was hired by Google last year to head the project.

Autonomous Car
Google’s CTO of Autonomous Cars Resigns

Two, Urmson had a quarrel with Larry Page on where the project of Google car was heading to. The page is the CEO of Alphabet Inc. which happens to be the parent company of Google.

The autonomous car project has been under Urmson for the past seven years and a sudden change by putting the complete project under a new headship could have been Urmsons reason to resign.

The research group Google X is facing pressure to show that they are capable of generating financial gains for Alphabet Inc. Even though the autonomous cars have completed 1.8 million miles they are yet to achieve the goal of hands-off driving, which could be years away.

Disagreement between Larry Page and Chris Urmson could have been the terms and conditions of possible licensing agreements on autonomous car technologies with car corporations. Or does one of them merely scrap the notion of authorizing right off the bat?

Or were both of them at likelihoods on the roll-out scheduling for autonomous cars on the market? Presently all this is a matter of tutelage conjecture.

Probably Urmson didn’t just resign as he didn’t take a liking to the new head. If Urmson were really fanatical about growing self-driving expertise and he found it unaffectedly an honor to be part of a team as he said, this was unquestionably not the phase to move away.



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