Rumors of the Google Pixel Watch has been frequent for few months, but now, Google has confirmed the launch in “early February

Google, after a long time of rumors, at last, confirms that Android Wear 2.0 will explode in February 2017.

Rumors of the Google Pixel Watch
Rumors of the Google Pixel Watch

The last July, the whispers of Google smartwatches were on the peak. It was supposed to be designed under the Nexus sub-brand. Nexus became a part of history and Pixel emerged on the scene with the unveiling of Google Pixel and Pixel XL debut.

At present, the expectations of 2 new smartwatches are high. It is expected that a new featured Android Wear 2.0 software will be released under the Google Pixel Watch banner.

Unluckily, information is still not enough. The 2 major sources to get details hence far have been chief leakers. The specialist blog Android Police and the journalist Evan Blass, by making public a host of exclusive reports on the product are the most remarkable names.

Pixel Watch Models

According to the reports, Angelfish is the bigger watch with a bigger screen and other options like lugs and buttons as compared with the other versions. Swordfish is the other watch that is apparently smaller than Angelfish. The latter one also has neater and more modest design with much smaller strap.

To talk about dimensions, Android Police informs that the Angelfish has 14mm having a 43.5mm case diameter – that goes on a competition with the diameters by the most prominent brands of the age. The Swordfish, in the meantime, is reported to have a more conventional diameter of 42mm being 10.6mm thick.

With regard to colors, the Angelfish shipping will be in “Titanium” that is dark gray matte color. On the other hand, the Swordfish is reported to have 3 different and in-trend colors: rose gold, titanium, and silver.


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