Google is extended its research facility with new European research centre, dedicating its resources to the advancement of this technology.

The team based in Zurich will focus on three pivotal areas – machine learning, natural language understanding, and computer perception. All three regions that integrate within each other.

Google Common-Sense AI Reaches Europe
Google Common-Sense AI Reaches Europe

Emmanuel Mogenet, who will lead this unit, said much of the research would be on teaching machines some common sense.

There was, he said, “no limit on how big I grow the team”.

“We are very ambitious regarding growth. The only limiting factor will be talent,” he told journalists gathered in Zurich to hear more about Google’s AI plans.

Machine learning is already the secret sauce of a lot of Google product, and Mr. Mogenet has included spam filters, translation and content removal as one of the basis of Google products.

Mr. Mogenet told journalists:

We are on the brink of a brand new era of computing.

One of the key focuses would be on teaching computers “common sense“, he said.

A four-year-old child learns about the world through their senses so they know that cows don’t fly without being told this. Computers need to understand some obvious things about the world so we want to build a common-sense database.

Another key focus will be improving human/machine dialogue. He said:

Google has always been in the business of natural language because that is how people search but we have never really understood the question. We have just matched keywords with content and rank that content smartly.

The next stage is to truly understand what people are asking.

Google is Ambitious to Solve The Intelligence Problem With This AI Technology

Finally, the researchers would delve beneath the bonnet to try to understand “how machines learn and why deep learning works so well”, he said.

Google is ambitious to solve the intelligence problem with this AI technology. We all are keeping tabs on the next phase of this brilliant technology that we might experience in our lifetime.


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