Google has announced a new Chromecast Ultra, a 4K version of the popular streaming device at their Pixel event earlier today, (Tuesday 4th of October). The new Chromecast Ultra is able to stream data in 4K from various streaming sites such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and Vudu.

Films that are on the Google Play platform will get the feature from November. The new Chromecast Ultra is also able to support the HDR10 and the Dolby Vision formats.

Google unveils new Chromecast Ultra, A device which streams videos in 4K
Google unveils new Chromecast Ultra, A device which streams videos in 4K

According to Google, the Ultra is the fastest Chromecast available and it enables users to load data and videos 1.8 times faster than any standard Chromecast, regardless of whether the user has 4K TV or not. There is also another Ethernet port which will be put on the power adapter for various users whose Wifi connections may be too small to handle the 4K streams.

The Ultra is said to be just the same with that of the standard Chromecast. It’s a flat hockey puck design which has a G logo on it instead of the rather common Chrome badge. It also has a small HDMI cable attached to it, to help the device hide smoothly behind the TV when it’s connected. It is still possible to mirror various content from the Android phones and laptops, and it will be able to work with the Google Home feature when it is released.

The Price of Chromecast Ultra is Thought to be The Biggest Difference

The price of the new Google Chromecast Ultra is thought to be the biggest difference, as the new device is coming in for a hefty price. The Chromecast will double in price compared to its predecessor, and it costs $69 in the US, a small or big amount depending on where you stand financially. The Chromecast Ultra is expected to be released in November and will be available in 15 more countries after that.


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