Google Chrome may not be the fastest browser on the planet however it does manage to do the job faster than the a large portion of the competitors out there. In the most recent update the browser enhances taking care of the JavaScript loading times, making it much speedier.

“Previous versions of Chrome would download a script in full before starting to parse it, which is a clear approach however doesn’t completely use the CPU while waiting for the download to finish.”

“Starting in version 41, Chrome parses async and deferred scripts on a separate thread when the download has started. This implies that parsing can finish simply milliseconds after the download has completed, and results in pages loading as much as 10% faster. It’s especially effective on large scripts and slow network connections,” Google noted in blog entry declaring the speed update.

As indicated by Google, the new technique helps to save 40% of compilation time helping page load faster. On cell phones, the new technique can likewise help cut down battery use.

The gimmick is accessible in the most recent form – Chrome 41.


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