Google Chrome is continuously helping users of iPhone to handle their handsets with ease. In this attempt, Google Chrome is now offering an opportunity to delete an app from your iPhone, the QR code and barcode scanner that you use occasionally.

Google Chrome’s mobile browser will be having an update rolling out as app. This app includes the functionality of built-in scanning and so you can access it via the apps icon featuring 3D Touch or can search in spotlight for QR.

Google Chrome launches the most awaited, its own QR code and Barcode Scanner
Google Chrome launches the most awaited, its own QR code and Barcode Scanner

These are shortcuts of the QR code scanning. In fact, now Chrome can easily scan a product barcode easily. It will now take you to the results page of Google Search and here in this page you can go through the reviews, price details and lots more.

Regardless of the rumors, QR codes have not experienced any untimely death. Instead they have comeback owing to the popular apps such as Kik, Snapchat and Messenger, besides the food labeling. In fact, the QR codes are found even in the packaging of baby products received from Amazon. Of course, there is no need for you to have on hand always a barcode scanning app to justify.

Smartphone makers are uncertain and have been doubtful in integrating the QR scanning code functionality owing to the limited adoption of QR codes, though it is a simple form of add-on from the camera or from the search utility. The QR code reader of iPhones is tucked in the Wallet app inside and it is useful to scan boarding passes, coupons and tickets. Thus, it is believed to be the main QR codes ways used, but actually, it is a subset that reveals limited capability of that the QR codes can do.

With scanning packed into Chrome, users can enjoy more functional barcode scanner without a separate app. This update is available on iPhone now.


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