The most popular browser Google Chrome reached 10 years yesterday. And the search engine giant Google added a ton of exciting features to the browser to celebrate this special day. All the added features are geared towards offering speedier browsing experience.

As per the survey, Chrome is the best browser across the globe. It accounts for the 60% browser usage. Till date, 2 billion copies of this browser has been installed. And almost 1 billion users use it every month.

Google Celebrates Chrome's 10th Anniversary By Redesigning The Browser
Google Celebrates Chrome’s 10th Anniversary By Redesigning The Browser
  • The most notable change is seen in the design part. The browser received an amazing design as part of the 10th-anniversary update. Other important added features are Password Manager, smarter Omnibox Search Bar etc. The notable added features are explained here in more details.
  • The new design is very bright with added color palette and new icons. The design has a more of rounded shape than before. And there is no sign of dark mode at all. It looks whiter than before.
  • A password manager is made much better now. The browser will now generate a password for you. Not just that, rather it will also save the password for both, the Google account and the browser. So, what can be better than this? No headache of creating and remembering the password!
  • The Omnibox Search Bar is made smarter than before. The search bar will proactively auto-complete the queries. The best part is it will also show the answer even before you click on it. Again it will route you to the presently open tabs so that you can try it for them as well.
  • The new browser will also allow the user to have a better control of the shortcuts available.

These added features are available in desktop and mobile version both. Just download the Chrome 69 latest version and you can enjoy all the added and improved features of the browser.

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