Google is considering to propose a bid for Twitter Inc. with the help of financial consultant – Lazard Ltd. Twitter Inc. has been struggling to get new users and the company entered a crisis mode when fourteen top executives trailed after the resignation of their CEO Dick Costolo, since then the social media company has been looking for a potential buyer.

Although Google hasn’t made any definite indications about making an offer for Twitter but tapping Lazard Ltd. advocates that Google is weighing the opportunity. It has been working to bid in contradiction to other big potential bidders like Inc. and Walt Disney Co.

Google A Potential Bidder For Twitter: Lazard To Advise Google
Google A Potential Bidder For Twitter: Lazard To Advise Google

Google spokeswoman, Gina Scigliano denied making any comments about it whereas spokeswoman of Lazard Ltd. was not reachable for comments.

People who were aware of the situation said that Twitter had hired Allen & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to solicit probable buyers when showed interest in buying it. Twitter had tried to restyle its lost fame by including video and live events but they were not of much help and did not trigger more users.

Google, the prime subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. has been assumed to be an expected buyer for the now struggling company, Twitter. Both the companies have had dealings in the past and have worked together in publicizing and mobile publishing goods. Twitter had also decided to assimilate its content within Google search results when an earlier alliance was disintegrated.

In an earlier social attempt of Google, that was based on its Google Plus product, the company was left without a proper service to compete against its main ads competitor Facebook because the campaign wilted.

Social networks are not what Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai, is aiming at, he is fixated on cloud storage and AI.

Lazard Ltd. advised Google when the company took over the software developing company, Apigee for $625 million, this September.


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