Google made an exciting announcement last month; they are soon going to release Google Assistant. Google Assistant is a voice tool, very similar to Siri from iPhone. This facility will only be available on at least 200 million phones, running on new versions of Android after they install an upgrade.

This means that any recent android phone will have the same Assistant capabilities as Pixel; Google’s own android phone released last year. Now the question arises, what can Google Assistant do?

Google Assistant and it’s availability on every Android
Google Assistant and it’s availability on every Android

Just like Siri, Assistant has the ability to respond to spoken and written commands. It can answer to trivia questions, give a quick google search for your query and do simple tasks like setting an alarm.

You can also text a friend, check available flights or simply start any app by simply saying the command. According to Google, the goal for Assistant is “to have a conversation with Google across many surfaces, including your phone“.

However, the catch is that its capabilities will vary depending on the settings. For example, you can only order products from Google Express if you’re using the Home device. If you’re using Google Allo, you can use Assistant during a messaging conversation by just typing @google before the query.

Similarly, language capabilities can also differ in various devices. In Allo, Assistant can respond in German, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, and of course English. However Pixel and Home don’t provide the same amount of diversity.

Many users might be confused between Google Assistant and the Google app; both of them have similar functionality and respond to the same phrase, “Ok Google“. Google explained that users with phones with a newer version of android will get an updated version of Google App in the form of Google Assistant.

Releasing Google Assistant independently is a smart move by Google since it exposes the product to new users without being limited by hardware sale. Now users don’t only require purchasing the lavish Pixel, in order to enjoy Google Assistant’s services.


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