Google is working continuously to improve their app quality and this is proved once again by their new decision. The giant search engine company has declared a new bug bounty program according to which the hackers will be paid a lucrative amount as a reward if they are able to find vulnerabilities in the top Android apps of the Play Store.

However, this Bounty Program is completely different than the previous one which stated that hackers will be paid for finding flaws in the operating system and their website.

Google Announce To Reward Hackers For Discovering Flaws In The Top Android Apps
Google Announce To Reward Hackers For Discovering Flaws In The Top Android Apps

Here are all the details of the new Bug Bounty Program:

  • Hackers will be paid an amount of $1000 for every issue. So, it is obviously a good news for the ethical hackers.
  • Hackers are not allowed to choose just any Spammy app from the Play Store rather initially they need to find flaws from any of the app mentioned here and these are Snapchat, Alibaba, Dropbox, Duolingo, Line, Tinder, and Headspace.
  • Once the hackers find a flaw, they need to submit the report to the developers. And they will also be required to work with them until the end to collect their reward.

This decision by Google is really a fruitful one which is aimed primarily at enhancing app quality while it will also allow the ethical hackers to earn something by utilizing their talent.

It seems Google is really trying hard to raise the app quality in the play store. Previously they have announced of ranking the Play Store apps by their quality and now this new bug Bounty program is a new addition to their trying.

So, if you are an ethical hacker, choose any of the mentioned apps here and try finding the flaws in them to get rewarded by Google.

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