Gmail now allows users to send money over E-mail. The electronic paradigm has taken over the world. Everything is now digital, from the way most hardware works to cable Television, and money is no exception. Whether it be in the form of plastic cards or online wallet apps, handling cash is a thing of the past.

Similarly, transferring cash, through services like the Western Union, is also a thing of the past with the introduction of apps such as Venmo. With many wallet apps on the market, Google too has jumped in with its own app: the Google Wallet.

Gmail now allows users to send money over E-mail
Gmail now allows users to send money over E-mail

It has since been integrated into the desktop version of Gmail, where a user can send a friend or a contact money by the push of a button. Now, Google has decided to add the feature to the mobile version, on its Android platform, as well.

The user can send their money by tapping the attachment button on the screen in Gmail app. There alongside regular attachments, such as pictures, videos, documents etc., an option for sending money is available. The receiver doesn’t necessarily have to be a Gmail user. The amount can be transferred directly to their bank accounts. The service is also free of charge.

Although Google may not even cause the slightest of market damage to big names such as Venmo and Square Cash, as they have a greater community in this regard and have been around for quite some time, but it does one advantage to it: it is free whereas these apps will charge for their services. One drawback of almost all these applications is that sending money outside the US is not an option as many of these services are not available in other countries


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