Glowforge has launched its Glowforge Plus with the Amazon Exclusives program, making it eligible for free 2-day shipping for millions of Prime customers.

After completing the biggest 30-day crowdfunding campaign in history, Glowforge recently released its groundbreaking 3D printer for sale to the public. Glowforge decided on Amazon Exclusives as the sole retailer to carry its Glowforge Plus 3D laser printer.

From day one, we wanted to create a tool that would unlock people’s creativity in a meaningful way – no matter their skill level. It’s always been easy to create with Glowforge.  Now it’s easy to buy one, too. Through Amazon Exclusives, a Glowforge Plus can be delivered to your door in just two days, with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Said Glowforge CEO Dan Shapiro.

Unlike a traditional 3D printer which builds on layers of plastic, Glowforge is built on subtractive laser cutting and engraving technology. This means that users are able to create prints from dozens of different materials including wood, leather, fabric, paper, cardboard, acrylic, metal, glass, ceramic, stone – even chocolate.

Customers who have already received their Glowforge love how easy it is to bring their designs to reality.

I’m up and running with an online store selling incredible boards and pieces for a board game I helped create, and I’m sending them all over the world! I never once imagined I would be doing that.

Said online game architect Zach Burnham of Grand Ledge, Michigan.

Glowforge sets up on your home Wi-Fi in just minutes. No software is required, as it uses the web browser or app on any Mac, PC, tablet, and smartphone. Designs can be created in any software that makes a PDF, like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Autodesk 360, and even Microsoft Office. In fact, creators can skip the software altogether and design with just a pen – the onboard cameras can scan a drawing and transform it directly into a beautiful print on almost any material.

Glowforge Plus costs $3,995 and is available for purchase on

To see what customers are making with Glowforge, search #glowforge on Instagram.

Glowforge Launches the 3D Laser Printer that Made Crowdfunding History

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