As is well known, system failure/crash or disk failure may happen every moment of every day due to various reasons such as virus/hacker attack, wrong operations, hardware and software failures, etc. And it is impossible to avoid such accidents. But if you know how to ghost hard drive, things will become much easier.

Once a disaster happens on your system or disk, the backup can be used to restore the system to its normal state or recover lost data.

Ghost Hard Drive to Protect Your Computer Data Security Now!
Ghost Hard Drive to Protect Your Computer Data Security Now!

How to Ghost Hard Drive Windows 10/8/7

Two Options: Clone and Image. To put it simply, there are two common methods for you to back up a hard disk, such as disk cloning and disk imaging.

1. Clone Disk

A clone refers to a direct copy and it takes sector-by-sector mode so that the data on the cloned disk is exactly identical to the original disk data. In other words, everything is copied identically, for example, from the operating system to hidden directory files or desktop to the device. When system corruption or disk failure occurs, you can replace the original disk with the freshly cloned disk and there won’t be any functional difference. Namely, the new disk can be directly used to boot your PC if you deal with system disk in case of any accidents.

2. Image a Hard Drive

This way still creates a completed copy of the disk data, but it does this job in a single compressed file. That is to say, during the backup, all contents are compressed in an image. This saves much disk space. Besides, this way allows backing up more than one image and storing them in different locations. However, the image isn’t immediately functional. If system accident happens, you should restore the OS from the system image by using the image backup tool.

Ghost Drive Software

If you are looking for a piece of professional software to ghost hard drive, there are many tools available. And here we recommend MiniTool ShadowMaker which has won a good reputation. It is free, professional and all-inclusive backup program, enabling you not only to image a hard drive but also to clone a system disk or data disk within simple clicks.

Tips for Disk Backup

  1.   For a clone, you need to prepare a hard drive which should be enough big so as to hold all original data. In addition, make sure no important data is saved on the target disk, otherwise, data overwriting will happen during the cloning process.
  2. For a hard drive imaging backup, automatic backup, incremental or differential backups are recommended.

Now, it is the time to clone a hard drive or make a disk image backup with MiniTool ShadowMaker in Windows 10/8/7. Just get this freeware from its website, install and launch it on your PC. Then, go to its Backup interface to select the backup source (system disk is advised) & backup destination and start an image backup. Or go to Tools page, click Clone Disk feature, choose the source disk and target disk to start the disk cloning.

How Can You Free Ghost Hard Drive in Windows 7/8/10
How Can You Free Ghost Hard Drive in Windows 7/8/10

If you have any doubt about the operations, read How Can You Free Ghost Hard Drive in Windows 7/8/10. Begin to back up your hard drive now, letting computer data much safer!

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