The first Monday after Thanksgiving happens to be on November 27, 2017, this year and retailers are gearing up for their products and attractive offers to entice online shoppers. About 75% online shoppers plunge in for online shopping as they are up on Monday and about 25% make their way to the online sale during lunch. A term started by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman, in one of the press releases, Cyber Monday first debuted on November 28, 2005, and has been around ever since growing and expanding each year.

The sale has been booming since 2009 and has tripled itself. 2016 saw a sale of $6.6 billion while a year before the sales of Cyber Monday was $3.04 in 2015, just double of what it was a year before. The numbers for the year 2017 is definitely expected to be much more than last year.

Get Ready For Cyber Monday Sales
Get Ready For Cyber Monday Sales

Smartphones and Social Media Boost Cyber Monday Sales

Smartphones have evolved extensively in the past few years and internet has been made cheap and available to the masses. This has made people highly social. If you want the news to spread take it to social media and your word will spread like fire. Retailers are using social media to update the people about their products and offers.

Shoppers visit company pages or accounts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/ Pinterest and other social websites to learn about the Cyber Monday sale. They take help of the customer reviews on the website of the company before making a purchase.

Sellers use various techniques such as coupons, surprise gifts, free shipping, price discounts and other exciting ways to attract customers. There are more than 800 retailers offering different products online for Cyber Monday sale section.

Businesses and retailers ensure that their websites have been optimized for smartphones or tabs to promote sales. People are seen carrying around their mobiles more than they are spending time on their laptop or desktop. Moreover, shoppers may be free while they are traveling on a train or bus and just pick up their devices to make a purchase because they are free at such times.

Some Techniques that Retailers are Using Social Media to Increase Cyber Monday Sales:

  • Retailers are holding giveaways contests on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Creative contests are drawing increased participation which is going to help them boost their sales for Cyber Monday.
  • Others are organizing a mini sale event before the big event and readying their products by showcasing one-time deals coming up on Cyber Monday sale which is encouraging people to join in.
  • Many sellers are using YouTube to advertise their products and offers. They have already begun uploading teaser videos and are encouraging the viewers to share them.

Have to spot your top Cyber Monday Deals? Retailers have open-heartedly uploaded products at discounted rates and have several other offering waiting for you.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!! Happy Cyber Monday Sale!!

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