Google recently released their new Pixel phones at their recent hardware conference, and many people have been curious about them. But for those who are undecided about the new flagship Google phone, here are some fee reasons and features which might tempt you to buy it.

One of the sole reasons you should consider buying the new Pixel device is solely because of the new exclusive features because of the new Android version which is on it, the version 7.1, Nougat.

How to get ported Pixel phones features even though you have a different Android device
How to get ported Pixel phones features even though you have a different Android device

Some of the new functions on the phone including the Daydream VR support are preinstalled on the phone and make it hard to replicate, some third parties have already mass produced the features and made them available to the masses.

New Features of The Pixel Phones

Many of the developers have had access to the new features of the Pixel phones, regardless of the fact that they just launched some fee weeks back. Thus, developers have already started doing backports of most of the features because they had the code available upstream before hand.

Any example is the availability of the new Pixel Launcher on virtually every Android device which runs the Android Marshmallow software. The Pixel Launcher has a new and distinct Google look, though it lacks most of the functionality options. But if you need it, just one simple Google search and you can get the APK file on it and it is also downloadable on most tablets and smartphones.

The irony right? And for those who do not feel like potentially jeopardizing their phones with the launcher, they can simply get the Polycons icon straight from the Play Store. For them to be able to use the packs, they have to pay $2.99 for the Pro version of the apps. On the Nova, it is also possible to emulate the Pixel Launcher which can be dome by setting one transparent dock bar on the background and having apps accessible through swiping up on the dock bar.

Google Assistant

Some more Pixel features that users on other phones can get include the Google Assistant, the Pixel Dialer and the new Google Camera. For the Google Camera, only the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P are viable options.