Garmin was known for its clunky, large faced smart watches. However, that has changed with the new Garmin Fenix 5S. The new Fenix 5S smart watch has been designed with women in mind, which is why it has a smaller 42 mm face.

Though the Fenix 5 has a somewhat larger 47 mm face, even the base model is smaller than previous Garmin watches. This makes them easy to wear and handle. The Fenix 5S weighs just 2.4 ounces, which is good for those using it to track their workouts.

Garmin's New Smart Watch Definitely Worth it, Fenix 5S
Garmin’s New Smart Watch Definitely Worth it, Fenix 5S

No one would want something cumbersome on their wrist while exercising. The Fenix 5S will last 9 days in smart watch mode and 14 hours in GPS mode. This is far less compared to the Fenix 5’s 2-week battery life in standard and 24-hour life in GPS mode but this is because of the smaller size of the Fenix 5S.

The 5s has around façade with stainless steel bezel and a reinforced polymer body. The watch has buttons for its input: the one at the bottom right causes the watch interface to go back a step and marks laps, the one on left side of the face is the backlight button and two other buttons are up and down buttons.

The Fenix 5S tracks all the sports a user can possibly indulge in. Moreover, if a certain sport is not mentioned in the list, it can be added to the watch. The watch will also tell users of the aerobic and anaerobic activities they have performed, basically letting them know when and if they overdo something or not.

The watch can basically track anything, even the ones not pre-built into it. The watch works with Android and iOS making it a great multisport smart watch if one can overlook the $600 price tag.


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