GamingU is a gaming index app developed by A & J Apps intending to present gamers with all the information and deeper insight of new and upcoming games. Their intentions are to provide us with all the information about the product before we actually purchase it. It is like having a game index with us, anywhere we go!

GamingU, a gaming index in the palm of your hand
GamingU, a gaming index in the palm of your hand

Since they have managed to get a significant amount of users, they aim to make the app better and neat with every update they release. Following are some most significant feature of the GamingU app:

  • 35.000 game titles have been listed along with their reviews, trailers, and screenshots
  • Stay updated with new/popular releases
  • You can check game ratings and give your valuable vote as well
  • Discover popular release of near future
  • Bookmark games in watch list so that you will be notified with every update related to it
  • Update your calendar with release dates with the app so that you don’t forget to buy something you wanted to
  • Share games on social media right away through the app

Why You’ll Love GamingU

Gamers love two things about this app. First one is that they can read expert reviews on the game they planning to buy or like. It is really useful since you get to know to the product and avoid buying crap.

The second one is the store facility. Yes! There is an inbuilt store tab which allows buying/advance book games right away through the app. As described before, all popular updates would be covered.

Users of the app were quite a bit unsatisfied when they found the previous version to be a little bit of buggy with watch list and calendar options. However, developers claim that everything is not fixed in new 2.28 version.


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