YouTube has pledged to help gamers obtain money from their own channels to help provide the eSport scene with a sustainable economy. The first step towards fulfilling this pledge is the signing off the exclusive rights deals with one of the world’s leading eSport platforms, Facelt.

This means that Facelt’s ECS competition, their biggest event revolving around the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, will now exclusively be live streamed on YouTube. To this point, the ECS was streamed through YouTube’s main rival in gaming, Twitch. Twitch is a video game streaming focused website that has gamers, professional and/or otherwise, using it to promote themselves and share their experiences with the community.

Gamers to get Online Audience Boost Thanks to YouTube
Gamers to get Online Audience Boost Thanks to YouTube

It has come to be recognized as the primary streaming site for video games. The only problem was its lack of popularity; it was well known among gamers but was not that renowned when compared to YouTube.

By siding with YouTube, Facelt hopes to gain more mainstream advertisement and thus money. According to the co-founder of Facelt, Michele Attisani, the influx of money will benefit their entire eSporting community. This is because like other major sporting leagues, such as the NFL, each participating team own’s and equity in the tournament.

One player said that there may be an initial drop in the numbers of viewers of the stream. This is because Twitch has been the mainstreaming site for video games up till now and a lot of people, if not all of them, use it for video game related streaming. However, he also admitted that this new deal with YouTube could be a great thing.

This will mean that there is a lot more competition involved in this realm of gaming and this will lead to money being generated that eventually trickles down to the participating gamers. All in all, this could help the eSport scene grow just as other sporting leagues have.


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