If you are looking to buy a space on the internet for parking all the online games, the plethora of options is now even more as the registry service Uniregistry recently launched their .game TLD (top level domain) and made it available to the public.

So, now anyone and everyone can register a .game TLD name.

.com is really old and many other custom TLDs such as .nyc, .beer has made their way into the internet and now .game is a new addition to this list. Uniregistry had conducted a week-long early access enrollment already where most of the popular gaming companies such as EA and Microsoft, Nintendo have claimed their properties and the process of replacing their .com domain name by .game is already started.

.game, A New Addition To The Customs Top Level Domain Name
.game, A New Addition To The Customs Top Level Domain Name

However, acquiring this domain name does not come too cheap and those willing to own this .game intellectual property soon should be ready to pay an annual maintenance fee of $318.88. And in case there is a plan to utilize the web address even for the longer period, the fee will be more.

New Addition To The Customs Top Level Domain Name

But this higher fees is not refraining any companies from jumping down into the game to replace their domain names and apart from the well-known gaming companies, other tech companies too, have registered the .game TLD name. For example, Apple has already bought AppleTV.game, Applewatch.game, iPad.game while Sony has registered for PlayStation.game.

This speedy adoption of the custom TLD name is really appreciating and according to the Managing Director of Uniregistry, Frank Schilling, they are much excited to bring this .game TLD while the early adoption of it by some of the big names in technology making them highly pleased.

While all the companies are busy in replacing their domain name, Blizzard has already done the due diligence to nab domain names for popular series like Warcraft, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Diablo.


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