Samsung recently released the new Samsung Galaxy S8 which will be launched on April 21st. Samsung released their newest security feature in the new smartphone, facial recognition. The device required to scan the user’s face in order to be used. This feature sounded impressive until this week it was fond out that it can be easily fooled.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 offered different options when it comes to device security; fingerprint scanner, PIN code password, pattern password iris scanner and Facial Recognition feature. The facial recognition feature lets you unlock the phone by looking into the front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Feature is not a secure option
Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Feature is not a secure option

It was also noticed that this feature was actually quicker than unlocking the phone through a fingerprint scanner. But it was just discovered that is not a secure way to rely on. A demo showed that iDeviceHelp was able to trick the facial recognition feature by simply putting a photo in front of the front camera and shockingly, the phone unlocked. It took a bit longer to scan it, but eventually, it worked.

As soon as this glitch was revealed, a Samsung spokesperson agreed that the facial recognition feature in not intended to be secure; it is just a different way to open your phone to the home screen. He said,

Facial recognition is a convenient action to open your phone – similar to the ‘swipe to unlock’ action. We offer the highest level of biometric authentication – fingerprint and iris – to lock your phone and authenticate access to Samsung Pay or Secure Folder.

The fact that Samsung still offered facial recognition as a security option, knowing its flaws, is definitely a bad move. Especially when there is already a better technology available that allows you to unlock your phone with your face. For example, Windows Hello uses special sensors for face recognition which has the ability to even tell apart identical twins.

As far as the Galaxy S8 is concerned, it is advised to not use the facial recognition feature since it is not a secure option. Instead, opt for the fingerprint or iris scanner instead for more security.


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