Several rumors are surfacing almost every day about the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. Till date, we have managed to gather numerous information about the phone. And thanks to new errors again that has revealed something highly important about the new phone.

Samsung New Zealand has accidentally posted a promo video on YouTube. This is a 30 seconds video which has confirmed several kinds of stuff about the Galaxy Note 9.  However, the massive update that captured our attention is the massive amount of internal storage.

Galaxy Note 9 To Arrive With A Massive Storage
Galaxy Note 9 To Arrive With A Massive Storage

The video has stated that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a 1TB ready phone. Users can use a microSD card of up to 512 GB to expand it. So, it will be shipped with the maximum range of 512GB internal storage. This is definitely a big upgrade.

Till date, Samsung has shipped all their smartphone with minimal storage amount. And they have depended on the microSD card to expand the storage. But, this time they are bringing a major change in the entire smartphone industry. Even Apple too has not shipped their iPhone with this kind of massive storage amount.

Anyways, the 512GB is not the only option. Rather Samsung will make their phone available in different upgrades. The basic internal storage of the phone will be 128GB. Also, massive storage is not the only upgrade rather Galaxy Note 9 will arrive with several other upgrades such as a bigger battery, RAM, and display. So, this is definitely a great Note range to enjoy.

In case you wish to see the video from Samsung on YouTube, then, unfortunately, you can’t see this. Samsung has already removed the video. However, you can check out in AndroidAre once as they have immediately copied the video for later use.

Galaxy Note 9 is the last note range. So, it is quite normal that this phone will have so many things in store for us. So, wait for few more days to get the real view of the Note 9.

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