There have been quite a few news updates for Android during the past week which includes a review of One Plus 3, leaks on the release date of Galaxy Note, Apple reverberating Android at WWDC, potential for iris security on Samsung’s phablet, the absence of iMessage on Android, best features of Android N and market shares.

Details of Galaxy Note Launch Date

SamMobile seems to have revealed the launch of Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note. The device would probably be named Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy Note 7 Edge with a probable tagline: ‘the next edge is just around the corner’. The predictable date is August 2, 2016, which seems to be earlier than the formerly discussed launch date of the next version of Note.

The Device Would Probably be Named Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy Note 7 Edge

Also, leaks from a Korean supplier reveals that the earlier security ways of using fingerprints and PIN will be replaced by Iris recognition.

Android Circuit: New Galaxy Note 6 Details Leak, Trolling Android N, Apple Echoes Android
Android Circuit: New Galaxy Note 6 Details Leak, Trolling Android N, Apple Echoes Android

One Plus 3 the New Flagship

The all new release of One Plus 3 comes for a price of $399 with some brilliant features. The device is powered by SnapDragon 820 with a RAM of 6B and a non-extendable internal 64 GB memory. For now, the flagship stands strong alongside all other Android releases. One Plus needs to be quicker in releases and updates in order to hold on to its customers.

Apple’s Classic Answer On iMessage

Towards a question put forth to an Apple executive as to why iMessage was kept only for iOS, the answer was that the company already had over one billion users who were using the app and moreover working of iMessage only on Apple would help in selling of other company devices.

Android N

The Android N expected to release next year is believed to have some cool features. Although people are still wondering what ‘N’ stands for Google trolled Android fans by saying that ‘N’ would stand for ‘Nutella’.


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