The new Jaybird Freedom series holds the advanced features of the Freedom X sports line, however, they’re more refined and minimal, which should be awesome news for the individuals who found the larger X2 uncomfortable for extended use.

Freedom Bluetooth Headphones from Jaybird
Freedom Bluetooth Headphones from Jaybird

The Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Buds comes with sweat-proof tapered earbuds, approximately 20 percent thinner than those on previous models. The devices also make use of metal injection shaping rather than plastic, guaranteeing the signal doesn’t drop. The technology is packed onto the little remote attached to the earphones, not the earbuds themselves.

Jaybird says:

In-ear sport Bluetooth buds have traditionally used every single plastic material, as metal inhibits signal performance. Our innovation in engineering and scaling down has allowed us to re-invent the assembling procedure, using amazing injection molded metal parts making dazzling fashionable accents with a premium notable feel – without influencing signal performance. The all-metal housing has the additional benefit of removing distortion bringing in an incredible sound never before heard in a wireless in-ear bud.

The battery life won’t blow you away, as it will keep going for around four hours, however, the new Freedom earbuds also accompany a portable battery charger that doubles that battery life. The charger draws its power via microUSB to deliver an extra four hours, however, if you’re in a rush you can simply connect it to the earphones’ remote and juice it up on the go.

Jaybird also offers a free Android and an iOS application called MySound, which enables users to customize their earphones’ EQ settings. If you want, the application even gives you a chance to look at the settings of various athletes supported by Jaybird, so you can customize your earphones’ to sound simply like Kerri Walsh Jennings’ or Curtis Keene’s, for instance.

Curtis Keene says:

Its no secret I’m a huge Metallica fan. Having said that, I like the music loud and to be sounding on point. I use the MySound App to set up my tunes where metal/rock sounds best. Which is loud and powerful.

It worths calling attention to here that MySound doesn’t work with previous Jaybird earphones, however, all future earphones from the organization will be perfect.


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