As of version 2.12.19, WhatsApp clients will be avalible to call any of their contacts over a web connection.

The feature initially entered testing a year ago, in spite of the fact that it was just accessible through an invite-only trial.

At first, you could “invite” somebody to the service by calling a user, which would then activate the feature on their gadget.

When you’re upgraded to the most recent WhatsApp version, then again, you’ll be able  to access the feature, regardless of having been called by another client.

If you need to get to the new update, you can do as such through two strategies; either download the new software courtesy of the Google Play store, or install the .apk file from somewhere else.

Once you’re updated, you’ll then see a Calls tab in the top menu of the application, with a “plus” button added to initiate calls.

The real calling interface is genuinely standard, with speakerphone, mute and talk switch alternatives all on offer.

It’s important that the feature doesn’t appear to have gone live on the iOS version of the application, although co-founder Brian Acton says the update should come to the platform within the coming weeks.


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