You may have ever received some files with the .tex extension, which is not frequently used in your daily work. At that time, you will ask that how to open and view such file. It should be clear that the “.tex” file is quite different from the “.txt” file even though they have the similar extension names. To open “.tex” file, you have to install some special third-party software to make it work.

Accurately, TEX file is the LaTex source file. You should download and install the Latex editor before you can open and compile the latex file. Alternatively, you can use NotePad++ to open TEX file but you are only allowed to view and edit the source codes rather than compile or save as PDF files.

Method 1: Convert Latex to PDF with Tex Compiler.

Step 1. Download and get MiKTeX on your Windows computer. It is more than 200 MB so it may take some time to finish the downloading process.

Download and get MiKTex
Download and get MiKTeX

Step 2. Install MiKTeX and it will be used to open TEX file by default. Double click a TEX file.

Step 3. Choose PDFLatex in the drop-down list. You will find a Run icon on the left. Click it and TeXworks will start compiling the TEX file. A PDF file, which is more popular for viewing, will be exported in the folder of the original TEX file.


Converting TEX file to PDF with Latex compiler is not a difficult problem. However, it is unnecessary to install such large all-in-one software on your computer. Especially if you are not a professional editor for Research Papers. Therefore, you need a simpler and more friendly method to convert the unreadable source code to a viewable file format.

Method 2: Convert Latex to PDF Online for Free.

PDF is the most popular file format that you should be familiar with. If you are required to share your papers for review, the best practice should be converting the TEX file to PDF first. Using online conversion service from is an alternative method to convert TEX file to PDF.

Step 1. Go to Latex to PDF online. The interface is clean and straightforward. There is no need to register or leave the email address to use its service. No Ads.

Step 2. Then drag and drop TEX file in the drop zone and you will see the file’s name, size.

Step 3. Click Upload and Convert button. will upload the items and convert them to PDF automatically. When finished, it will return a download link.

Step 4. Click the download link to get a .zip file. Open it to get the PDF documents.

Latex to PDF
Latex to PDF

Main Features of

  1. No need to charge. This is a free online service that turns your .tex file into PDF document.
  2. No complicated configuration required. The conversion process is reliable and fast.
  3. No need to install any software on your website. Only network connection is required.
  4. No need to register, no need to enter an email address. More importantly, no ads.


If you are not good at using LaTex compiler but working with TEX file is part of your job, then is super convenient for you. You can receive the TEX file from your colleges or contributors. Convert the items to PDFs by and view them in PDF reader. The process is simple and no issues.


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