Free DVR On XBOX One! During its Xbox instructions at Gamescom today, Microsoft reported that “full-featured DVR recording” is coming to Xbox One.

The functionality will allow clients to record shows in the background, even when you aren’t home. All shows recorded on Xbox One can be streamed to ANY Windows 10 gadget or downloaded to it directly.

Free DVR On XBOX One
Free DVR On XBOX One

The Xbox One in the background, and if the system’s energy settings are changed to “instant-on”, recordings can happen while the individual is far from their console. Using the Xbox application in Windows 10, all recorded TV shows can be streamed to Windows 10 gadgets. Moreover, users can download recordings to a gadget and take them wherever they need.

You’ll additionally be able to schedule recordings remotely.

DVR functionality will be without membership and is coming in 2016.


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