WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging application which is been used by almost everyone across the globe. We use this application to stay in touch with all while it also allows us to share photos, audio, video, and other files seamlessly. If you are more concerned with the security, then you can always go for setting a pin lock for that application particularly but the media files can’t be hidden as those are available in the gallery. So, how to save the WhatsApp media from the eyes of prying? Hide WhatsApp Media is a simple application that let the users hide all the media files of WhatsApp with just a single click.

While there are some ways to remove the WhatsApp media from the gallery but you can make use of the very useful app ‘Hide WhatsApp Media‘ for the same purpose.

Hide WhatsApp MediaIt is available in the Google Play Store at completely free, so your bank account won’t be affected to get this app.

All the shared and received media and data files can be hidden by this app. The features of Hide WhatsApp Media are listed here.

Features of Hide WhatsApp Media

  • It can securely hide the photos and photo vault so that no one can see it in the gallery.
  • Hide WhatsApp Media is also able to hide the videos and video vault to save you from the prying eyes.
  • Audio and audio vault too are securely hidden by a single click on the app.
  • All the media and data files are hidden and stored in the WhatsApp media hide application folder.
  • The hidden WhatsApp media files are secured with a PIN code or pattern so that no one can see it except you.
  • In case you forget the pin lock or password, there are ways to retrieve it by answering the security questions.
  • With all these, this app is available at completely free.

So, why to get into the settings and going through some critical steps to hide the WhatsApp media rather download this app from the play store and everything will be handled by it.

You can download the app here


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