Ford has announced that in 2017, all its cars, SUVs and trucks will come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These are the two rival and amazing software services that will allow the passengers or the driver to bring the features of their smartphone into the central screen of the vehicle.

However, Ford is not ditching its own communication and entertainment software in order to make space for Google and Apple. Ford has announced on Monday that all its models of 2017 will be having Sync 3.

New Ford Vehicles will have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
New Ford Vehicles will have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Sync 3 is the in-car communication and infotainment system developed by Ford. It allows users to control features like selecting music via the touch screen or voice and sending text messages. Certain apps such as AccuWeather, Spotify, AAA member services and Pandora are also added in Sync 3.

Ford has upgraded their Sync system for accommodating Android Auto and CarPlay software, which will allow the features and apps of the smartphone to take over the digital display of the vehicle.

Apple CarPlay Works Wirelessly Now

Users just need to plug their smartphone into the USB port of the car. Once they do so, the navigation, phone’s maps, and various other apps will appear on the central screen of the car. Apple CarPlay works wirelessly now.

The 2017 Ford models that are already available now are Mustang, The Ford Escape, Fusion, and Explorer. Other vehicles that are expected to arrive later in 2016 are Focus, Edge, F-150 truck and 2017 Super Duty.

Ford has also announced that it will use over-the-air updates for adding new features and fixing bugs. This strategy is basically to ensure that the cars have the latest technology. Many automakers such as Volkswagen, Tesla, and BMW use over-the-air updates for improving navigation apps.

Unlike other infotainment systems which are known for being difficult and clunky to use, Ford is getting some very positive reviews for their Sync 3.


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