Foodbot, a Russian-based start-up founded in May 2016, knows that the way to a man’s heart – or woman’s or child’s, in fact just about any heart – is through the stomach. Foodbot has been using technology to bring a chat bot to the people which can make food ordering relatively easy.

Bots have been one of the most sought after technology for a long period of time. Facebook’s annual F8 developer’s conference in San Francisco this year opened the realms of Facebook Messenger for developers to build bots inside it. While Facebook is not the only company who did this, the potential of reaching out to millions of people at the same time with the help of a chatbot is an enticing one. Companies have already started investing in chatbots to automate their customer experience.

Restaurants have the opportunity to use Foodbot for their online food ordering experience because with a fixed menu along with visuals to help your customer place the order, there are very low chances of error. With a smartphone in your hand, chances are that you already have Facebook messenger installed in your device. Foodbot reduces the need for additional apps by making use of the app that is already installed on your phone.

Chatbots tend to make things easier because they can remember previous chats and help you place your order quickly and easily. The Foodbot will have details like your previous orders, and the delivery addresses. This will help customers place orders swiftly and restaurants get the chance to bask in the light of better customer experience.

At this time, Foodbot is at the stage of public beta and it offers a delightful experience to someone who would like to find out who wonderful ordering food through a chatbot could be. Restaurants can utilize this Foodbot by connecting to the Foodbot Facebook page. The restaurant can import their menu and configure the required delivery options and customize their greetings. Restaurants also have the option to connect Foodbot to their Point of Sale system.

Customers can establish a chat with Foodbot by clicking on the Facebook page of the restaurant and starting a chat. Foodbot will display the menu and information regarding the meals. Customers can add the meals to their cart and if there is a promo code available then it can be applied through Foodbot too. A delivery method can be selected and once the delivery address is entered by the customer, Foodbot will review the order and the customer can confirm it.

A confirmation is sent to the restaurant which can reject or confirm the order after which a confirmation is sent to the customer. The conversation ends with Foodbot asking the customer to evaluate the experience.

Foodbot Will Be Available On A Monthly Subscription

Foodbot will be available on a monthly subscription to the restaurants with a free 30 day trial period for restaurants who plan to take food ordering to the next level with Foodbot.

You could try demo bot here.



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